Anime of the Month - January 2006...
Welcome to Otaku Paradise's Gravitation Section! This anime is the fourth one done for the month of January 2006.
We hope you enjoy the information we've put up for you and we hope that you'll come by again soon as we are currently working on improving the information we have on our AOMs.
Anyway, enjoy your time here!

August 18, 2006
HOORAY!!!! GRAVITATION IS COMPLETE! BUt we have a bit more info to put into the author, but nonetheless... I've finished moving the info from our old site to here... lol!

August 17, 2006
Well, the Anime, Episode Summaries, the OVA & the Main Characters section are all done! And now... working on the extra characters... ^_^

August 14, 2006
Well, not much to say... We're still moving all our info on Gravitation into this site.... So we're sorry for the long wait!

Special thanks to for the original image of the Gravitation characters and Lovely Designs for creating the layout.

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